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The ZIGOR SOLAR XTR3 is a three phrase solar inverter. It is responsible for converting the direct current generated by photovoltaic panels into alternating current for injection into the electrical power distribution grid.

The ZIGOR SOLAR XTR3 can be used both to back up consumption and as a system to produce electricity. In the first case, if the electrical power consumption of the location in which the inverter is installed is lower than the power consumed by this unit, excess production is delivered to the grid. If this consumption exceeds production, the energy required to complete the balance is taken from the electricity grid. In the second case, all the power generated by the equipment is injected into the electricity grid. In both cases, the appropriate power measurement systems must be installed for each use.



System is designed transformerless: remember that the photovoltaic modules must be A class according to the standard IEC 61730
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Maximum efficiency upwards of 97%.
High input range of voltage: from 300Vdc to 800Vdc.
MPPT efficiency upper to 99%.
Firmware can be update easily.
3 MPPT independent inputs.
Detection modes of Islanding failure: active and passive.
Internal GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupter).