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Dissolved Gas Analyzers

SERVERON TM8 On-line DGA Monitor

The most comprehensive DGA assessment available
The Serveron® Model TM8™ offers the most comprehensive DGA assessment available. This assessment is provided through accurate and repeatable on-line measurements of the 8 critical fault gases and other key parameters.


SERVERON TM3 On-line DGA Monitor

Identification of the most critical transformer fault types
The Serveron® Model TM3™ is the only transformer condition alert system in its class that offers legitimate identification of the most critical transformer fault types. It correlates 3 fault gases (acetylene, ethylene, and methane), moisture-in-oil, oil temperature and ambient temperature to transformer load.

QUALITROL DGA 150/250/400 Dissolved gas analyzers

Retrofits easily into existing transformers
Hydrogen is generated under most fault conditions that occur in power transformers and is an early indication of larger problems in the transformers lifecycle. Real time monitoring of hydrogen provides an economical method for maintaining the overall health of the transformer.


SERVERON TM1 On-line DGA Monitor

Breakthrough price/performance in on-line DGA
For the first time, the benefits of on-line condition monitoring can be realized across the distribution transformer fleet. The Serveron® TM1™ continuously monitors hydrogen PPM Levels and can be programmed to alarm based on PPM Levels and/or Rate of Change (ROC), warning operators of potentially disruptive transformer faults and pending failures.