Singlefunction testers (Smartec family)

Singlefunction measuring instruments suitable for verification, maintenance and periodic testing of electrical installations (insulation, continuity, fuse size, RCD) and for testing earthing resistance and soil resistivity.

High Voltage insulation testers

Metrel’s HV insulation testers are portable instruments intended to measure the insulation resistance by using high DC test voltages up to 10kV. Insulation resistance and other insulation parameters are tested with various methods in the range up to 10TΩ.

Earth testers

Measuring system for testing and verification of protective earthing, step voltage and contact voltage and measurement of specific earth resistance of power stations, substation, distribution towers and other power systems.

Micro- ohm meter (Low Resistance meter)

The continuity testers from Metrel are portable, low resistance ohmmeters based on four wires Kelvin method used to measure low contact resistances of breakers and switches, busbars joints, motor & generator windings, power transformers and others.

Power Quality Analysis

Complete range of digital power quality measuring instruments for 1- and 3-phase electric supply systems.

Digital multimeters/ Current clamps/ Voltage Testers

A complete selection of digital multimeters, clamp-on meters and voltage stickers for industry, laboratory use, electrical contractors and domestic applications. 

Multifunction testers (Eurotest family)

Multifunction testers have been designed in accordance with international norms like IEC/EN 61557, IEC 60364, VDE 0100, BS 7671, 15th Edition, HD 384, CEI 64.8.

Photovoltaic installation testers (Eurotest family)

This group of testers enables testing, evaluations and troubleshooting of photovoltaic installations as well as power and energy efficiency measurements on inverters AC and DC side.

Machines/ Appliances/ Switchgear Safety

Electrical safety verification of machines, portable electrical appliances and switchgear with advanced digital measuring instruments.

LAN Cabling Certification

Structured cabling network testing in accordance with EN50173, ISO/IEC 11801 and other similar standards.

Indoor Environment Quality

Universal handheld instruments for the measurement, logging and analysing parameters specific for indoor environments are designed to provide flexibility, versatility and convenience to most demanding of professional users.

Demonstration Boards

Fault simulators for education purpose on low-voltage electrical installations in compliance with standards: VDE 0100, BS 7671, CEi 64.8,HD 384


Accessories are important part of each instrument. Standard set is normally part of the instrument itself. Optional accessories set is described in this section.