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HV insulation testers

Metrel’s HV insulation testers are portable instruments intended to measure the insulation resistance by using high DC test voltages up to 10kV. Insulation resistance and other insulation parameters are tested with various methods in the range up to 10TΩ.

MI 3210 TeraOhmXA 10kV new

MI 3210 TeraOhm XA 10kV is a portable, battery or mains powered test instrument with excellent IP protection (IP65), intended for diagnosing of Insulation Resistance by using high DC test voltages of up to 10 kV. Because of its robustness (CAT IV protection) and high immunity to radiated RF fields it is best suited for industrial environment.

MI 3200 TeraOhm 10 kV

TeraOhm 10 kV is professional insulation tester, which allows measuring and testing high voltage equipment.

MI 3201 TeraOhm 5 kV Plus

MI 3201 TeraOhm 5 kV insulation tester is a portable instrument intended to measure insulation resistance through the use of high voltage DC test voltages up to 5 kV. The large LCD screen allows real-time R(t) graphs to be displayed.

MI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kV

MI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kV provides a quick and accurate reading of insulation resistance. The large segment LCD screen with backlight offers easy reading of results. The analogue/digital display with analogue graph has a range of up to 1 TΩ for insulation resistance and 600 V for voltage measurements.

MI 2077 TeraOhm 5 kV

Advanced, digital HV measuring instrument with maximum test voltage up to 5000 V DC and resistance measuring range up to 5 TΩ.

MI 3121H SMARTEC 2,5 kV Insulation / Continuity

The MI 3121H Smartec 2,5 kV Insulation / Continuity is the portable measuring instrument for complete diagnostic testing of insulation and continuity measurements.

MI 3299 HV demo BOX

The MI 3299 High voltage Demonstration Box 10 kV has been developed for demonstration purposes at high voltage insulation diagnostics. It simulates typical electrical insulation usually met in the industrial environment.