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Demonstration Boards

Fault simulators for education purpose on low-voltage electrical installations in compliance with standards: VDE 0100, BS 7671, CEi 64.8,HD 384

MI 3088 PV Demo Board

Demonstration board MI 3088 simulates typical photovoltaic (PV) system with one PV module and DC/AC inverter. It repre-sents a typical installation that consist of PV string, DC switch box , DC/AC inverter and one phase connection to the power grid. It is intended for use preferably by sales personnel for demonstration of the measuring methods and procedures on DC and partially on AC side of a PV system.

MA 2067 Demo Board

Excellent tool for training and education centers, schools and laboratories.

MI 3099 Demo Board

Demonstration board MI 3099 represents detailed installation structure with important elements on Switchboard and on Circuit side, supporting one and three phase system.

MI 2166 Demo Board

Simulation of common electrical installation usually met in an individual house or apartment. This board is to be used preferably by sales personnel when demonstrating operation of electrical installation test equipment