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Infrared (IR) Windows


Protect your equipment, your plant and your personnel using the next generation of IR Windows from CorDEX. The IW Series SMART IR Windows are not only cost effective, simple to install and extremely rugged, they are SMART too. Incorporating an embedded RFID tag, each UL and CSA Recognised SMART IR Window can communicate wirelessly with any suitably RFID enabled device providing a unique serial number wirelessly.

IW4000, 100mm (4") SMART Infrared Window

The best of the best. When your priority is maximum flexibility and usability coupled with longevity and safety, the IW4000 100mm (4") SMART IR Window is the obvious solution. Incorporating all of the features of the smaller versions with the benefit of even greater viewing area, the IW4000 is the ultimate IR Window solution.


IW3000, 75mm (3") SMART Infrared Window

The one that everyone wants. The 75mm (3") SMART IR Window is our most popular IR Window product providing optimum in viewing area vs cost. With its HydroGARD optic coating - exclusive to CorDEX - and extreme arc blast certification, the CorDEX IW3000 SMART IR Window is designed and proven to last the test of time.

IW2000, 50mm (2") SMART Infrared Window

IW2000, 50mm (2") SMARTInfrared Window. When panel front space is at a premium, or you simply want to view...