Terminating & Splicing
Utility professionals trust 3M products for the reliability of terminations. 3M offers a comprehensive range of terminating products for both single- and multiple-conductor terminations that are cost- effective and reduce the risk to installers. 3M also offer an inclusive range of cable accessories, which includes animal protection products, breakout boots, cable prep and cleaning, ground, lugs and connectors, mounting brackets and re-jacketing material.
With a reputation for providing reliable products for cable splicing, connecting and repairing - 3M solutions reduce time, labor and cost involved in splicing. 3M combines with, all backed by experienced technical support.
3M meet 0-1000V application requirements of low-voltage splicing and connecting solutions. With field-tested solutions combined with cutting-edge technology and a broad range of terminations, splices, motor leads, equipment and cable accessories - 3M has the solution for medium-voltage splicing, connecting and terminating.
LV & MV Cold Shrink
  With an assurance that every connection you make is correctly sealed and insulated to ensure long-term protection - 3M pioneers Cold Shrink technology. Quality Guaranteed - solve your most common sealing and insulating applications.
LV & MV Heat Shrink
  3M Heat Shrink products are respected worldwide for their innovative features and reliable properties. 3M provide superior products that are economical and with application information and employee & field service training, cost-effectively.
Terminal Protectors
  Terminal Protectors from 3M are insulating barrier systems that can be used in conjunction with any indoor termination. The 3M Terminal Protector is a unique insulating system for providing Phase-to-Phase and Phase-to-Earth insulation to power cable terminals where these terminations need to be installed in very compact areas like motor terminal boxes, ring main units, distribution transformers and so on.
3M Terminal Protectors are easy to fit, cost effective, suitable for a wide spectrum of cable types and highly durable.
Separable Connectors
  3M connectors are comfortable, easy-to-use and suitable for every splicing & terminating activity. Maintaining the eminent position in the industry for the supply of terminals, disconnects, connectors and tools for assembling & maintaining electrical systems for more than 30 years - 3M is the world-leader in providing quality products.
LV & MV Tapex/Kastex
  3M M-Seal Tapex System of cable jointing follows the time-tested technique of rebuilding the cable construction. The non-linear stress grading material in M-Seal Tapex System eliminates the cumbersome and time-consuming process of tapering the XLPE insulation at ferrule end of the straight through joints.

3M M-Seal Kastex Cable Accessories for Low Voltage PVC / PILC / XLPE Cables are designed to be installed with ease and ensure a prolonged service life. M-Seal Kastex joints and terminations for LV Cables are based on a cast resin system.

EHV Cable Accessories
  3M EHV Cable accessories enhance the maximum capacity and value to Extra High Voltage (EHV) lines. Generally, if the transmission line is out of service they are rated using a single contingency standard in which the rated capacity depends upon the ability of other lines in the path to support the system. Therefore, the more robust the underlying system - more energy flows through the path.