Insulating, Shielding & Sealing
3M offers a wide range of solutions to address the insulation and moisture sealing requirements with regards utilities, transmission and distribution, powered by the legendary 3M assurance of quality and service.
Cold-shrink products from 3M provide a pre-stretched removable core that shrinks to fit, ensuring a permanent, durable environmental protection and seal. The vinyl electrical tape - a 3M invention, provides exceptional quality for nearly every electrical application.
3M electrical insulating resins function as reliable and durable moisture barriers for a broad spectrum of applications, both above and below the ground, for permanent or re-enterable, and on wet or dry locations.
  The Scotch Sprays range from 3M consists of insulating, cleaning, protective and preventative maintenance sprays. These form a major part of any maintenance programme in all industries - from preventive action to repairing damage in all electrical and electronic environments.
Electrical MRO Tapes
  3M electrical maintenance and repair operations consist of high-performance vinyl electrical tapes utilized for jacketing and protecting, highly conformable rubber tapes and self-fusing vinyl mastics for padding, insulation and sealing.
EMI Shielding & Absorbing
  3M Shielding and Absorbing products are effective EMC solutions that protect products from electromagnetic and radio frequency (EMI / RFI) leakage. They also provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection that complies with product certification requirements worldwide. 3M EMI/EMC products protect and provide electronic and electrical components - from the manufacturing process to the final product. They are designed to provide electronic compatibility, shield or absorb electromagnetic & radio frequency interference and other applications.
Heat Shrink Tubing
  3M™ Heat Shrink products provide effective & efficient means for applying skintight insulation and protective covering for a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical applications.
Insulation Paper
  3M Insulation papers increase coil life and product performance & reliability, cost-effectively. IPT is an organization of specialists that research, design and manufacture high quality inorganic papers and boards for industrial applications. IPT has pioneered the development and production of new generation products, which are performance engineered to meet rigorous applications at temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 250 deg C and above. These materials are tested, refined and proven in a wide variety of applications - including high temperature electrical insulation in transformers, motors and generators.
OEM Tapes
  With a wide range of products developed to address applications for shielding and protecting, insulating and managing electro-magnetic interference, 3M meets the diverse requirements of the original equipment manufacturers market. 3M Electrical Tapes are manufactured from a wide range of backings and adhesives that meet the requirements of different applications and environments. Extensive quality control and testing combined with accurate process controls, ensure that customers are provided with high quality electrical grade products.
HVDS Insulation Enhancement System
  The HVDS Insulation Enhancement System from 3M provides reliable electrical insulation for live transformer bushings, LA bushings, DO fuse assembly and jumper tapping of High Voltage Distribution Systems with excellent weathering and UV resistant properties.