Electrical Utility
With over 50 years of experience in electrical products and processes, 3M provide solutions that are based on a strong understanding of the industry and the technology that drives it.
3M Electrical Products Division designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of products that can address diverse electrical applications. Widely recognized for innovation, reliability and global corporate strength - 3M provide products and services for every electrical requirement.
Terminating & Splicing
  Utility professionals trust 3M products for the reliability of terminations and splices. 3M offers a comprehensive range of terminating and splicing products for both the single and multiple-conductor applications that are cost-effective and reduce the risk to installers. 3M also offers an inclusive range of cable accessories, which includes animal protection products, breakout boots,
cable prep and cleaning, lugs, connectors, mounting brackets, clamps and re-jacketing material for underground and overhead aerial bunched cables.
With a reputation for providing reliable products for cable splicing, connecting and repairing - 3M solutions reduce time, labor and installation cost. 3M provides all the jointing technologies: Tapex, Kastex , Pushon, Heat shrink and the unique Cold shrink solutions.
Insulating, Shielding & Sealing
  3M provides a variety of solutions for insulating and moisture sealing of utility transmission and distribution, which is powered by the legendary 3M technical support team. With wide variety of Sealing, insulating and specialty tapes, 3M has the products to meet your various needs and requirements. Ranging from premium Vinyl tape to Linerless rubber splicing tape to mastic pads, 3M Electrical tapes provide exceptional performance and reliability in all your application needs.
Aerial Bunched Cable Accessories
  The range of Aerial Bunched Cable Accessories from 3M comprises of Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC), Fuse Switch Dis-connectors, Dead-end Clamps, Suspension Clamps, Eye Hooks, Pre-insulated Bi-metal Lugs, Pre-insulated Aluminium Sleeves, End Caps and Distribution Boxes.
Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced
  3M ACCR is a lightweight, thermal expansion product that ensures low sag at high ampacities. ACCR is a unique amalgamation of aluminum matrix core and heat resistant Al-Zr at the outer strands, assuring a strong advantage over other conductors.