Bus Bar Sleeves
Rectangular Bus Bar   Round Bus Bar
The 3M heat shrinkable bus bar insulation tubing range is suitable for round and rectangular bus bars for upto 52 kV applications.

The tube is made of a special formulated heat shrinkable cross linked polyolefin based material providing excellent electrical insulation property for both indoor and outdoor environments. The tubing’s which is of Reddish brown colour, has excellent electrical insulation, high resistance to splitting, good moisture resistance and excellent track resistance properties. The tubing shrinks upon application of heat from temperature of 120 – 150 deg C using gas torch in the field and in oven for large scale production, or heating in electric oven. The tubing provides insulation and protection against flash over and accidentally induced discharge. It provides adequate insulation in the places where space is constraint.
The use of 3M ATX tube provides protection of live bus bar from phase to phase to and phase to ground failures. By using ATX tubing’s, equipment can be designed by reducing air spacing between bus bars. This will help in reduction of the switch gears equipment.